Age of Conan Mounts, Activision-Blizzard and Massage Pants! Its a good day to be alive.

Herro gentlemen,

So i’ve got a few more things to talk about for your collective consumptions. I have become a rather large fan of posting a few interesting news articles a day, as I see them. Even though I have no personal stories to serenade you with, maybe people will begin to see my site as a place to find interesting news and the occasional funny picture.

First order of business. Age of Conan Mounts.

  • Mounted combat seems like such an obvious gameplay mechanic, but it’s completely underused in MMOs. Storming into an enemy group, dispersing bad guys with devastating mount attacks and coordinating all of that with the six-way player combat is a breath of fresh air. It’s Funcom’s way of sticking two fingers up at those who say MMO’s don’t require any skill to play.

Its nice to see someone finally tapping into the mounted combat area. I have always wondered why none of these fantasy MMOs had mounted combat but no one has dared experiment with it. This looks like its going to be one more nice feature of Age of Conan that will give it some nice stay power.

I have also been reading a lot of critical comments about Age of Conans marketing lately. To some, it seems as if there are selling their game out as rapidly as possible, trying to make as much money as they can before its released and bombs on the market. I am not completely sure if I believe this. Part of me understands, giving an important chunk of their game to www.Gamespot.comfor the PvP event, and letting THEM run the show is suspect. Oh well.  Mounted combat looks cool, AoC looks cool and hopefully i’ll know just HOW cool it all is very soon.

EU gives Activision-Blizzard a big thumbs up.


Lets all take one long, collective look at that picture. That pretty much sums up all of my thoughts. So the European Union ruled, in their current hearings, that Activision-Blizzard is not a monopoly because they have other significant competition, namely Electronic Arts and the big console developers, so its ok. I don’t know about this.

A monopoly is basically when one company has a commanding rule over the surrounding market. In videos games, its not so much that any one company has a rule over the market, its more a case of several companies having a commanding rule. Does that mean EA or AB isn’t a monopoly? I don’t think so. I think we are beginning to see the beginning of something very terrible. Activision and EA both, are buying up everything in site that has any sort of value. Along with the giants of Sony and Microsoft, things are going to get very bad soon. All it will take is one more big buy out or one more merger before the full realization of what is happening sets in on  us. In my opinion, the EU should have taken some sort of preemptive action against AB in their region because, while maybe not a complete monopoly yet, it is pretty damn close.


Its About Time, Massage Pants are here.


This could be an amazing invention or a terrible , painful death trap.

For the past few minutes, while I was fixing some tea for myself in the break room at work, I have been imagining myself sitting around the office in a pair of sleek massage pants.

At first, the image was something of bliss. I saw myself quietly typing away on my computer while the gentle buzz of my sweet undergarments massaged me into a slumber. I would tilt my chair back and take a refreshing nap, then wake up and dance with swans across Sugar Plum Lake.

The image then morphed into something far more terrible. Pants like these, while brilliant, were far to risky to be wrapping around some of the more important parts of my body. I saw myself slipping the pants on, flipping the switch and crying out in pain as the pants squeezed and vibrated. I imaged myself crawling around the office, the pants bellowing smoke and wailing as they crushed my future generations into oblivion.

Can you imagine having these on when something goes wrong? Would you reallyput your trust in some strange piece of Chinese massage equipment when its very purpose was to massage…that area?

Hell naw.


~ by bartlebe on April 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Age of Conan Mounts, Activision-Blizzard and Massage Pants! Its a good day to be alive.”

  1. Age of Conan mounted combat sounds like a lot of fun. I have this image of my guy riding a war mammoth and stampeding down a door to a city all while goring people like kabobs with my mammoths tusks..

  2. oh herro..massage pants? all the girls r gonna be cross eyed and sweaty

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