What have I been up to lately?

Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong!

Universal greeting.

So I am not so good at updating this blog but that’s alright. My gaming life hasn’t been all that active lately so its not like I have a tremendous amount of interesting things to write about. This grim fact aside, I do play some interesting games and I am want to let the world know about them.

Garry’s Mod

For close followers of the Half-Life world, Garry’s Mod is fairly old news. For those of you who are not close followers, Garry’s Mod is a sandbox style mod for Half Life 2. It enables you to take any model, level, monster AI or object in HL2, put it in a space, add custom physics to it and interact with it. For instance, you could use the mysterious G-Man, a bath tub model and a few tires, add a dash of physics, and watch him ride to his death, smiling the whole way.

At first glance, I believed this mod to be interesting but have very limited use for someone like myself. For someone that had a more serious mind for crafting and creating things, this could be a useful tool. Where I truly became a fan of Garry’s Mod was in the multiplayer arena.

People, along with the Source SDK level designing system, were able to create entire worlds and game types within their personal Garry’s Mod servers. From all of my surfing around, I have found some amazing things. Things range from Zombie Survival games where survivors must survival against zombie invasions, to modes where you build your own robot and battle with others, to 2d Mario style jumping games, ACTUAL real-time strategy games using half-life models.




Some neat videos for you to check out. Lots more where that came from. Just search youtube for Garry’s Mod stuff and you’d be AMAZED what people can create.

Other than that,  not a whole lot going on. I haven’t been following Warhammer to much lately. With small trickles of news and many months left until release, I have reached a point where I refuse to work myself into a frenzy over it just yet.

As for the Warhammer beta, that monumental, mysterious being that refuses to let die-hard fans in, I have submitted a short story in my attempts to secure a beta spot. So far, no word BUT I will keep sending it and trying. If nothing comes of it soon, I will post it here on my blog for people to read, if they so choose.

For any other Warhammer related information that you may require, I highly suggestion you bookmark and visit Keen and Graev’s site. Tons of interesting information and neat podcasts there.

Until next time.



~ by bartlebe on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “What have I been up to lately?”

  1. Hehe, Old School Transformers FTW!

  2. You fail for not writing more often!

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